Welcome to “CreptoFeather” !

CreptoFeather is an Ethereum Blockchain Dapps game.
You can play lots of elements such as trading, equipment, customisable your character, hunting, battle, attractive item collection, with legendary ROC birds. Also, your ROCS and equipments are your property. The security of your property is preserved through block chain technology.

Boss battle start!

Raid boss has appeared!
Cut off the boss monster's HP and let's go get together to defeat the boss!
Ranking with the highest damage given to the boss!

Limited Event (Untill 10th Aug)

(1) Presale Roc
We will sell special Rocs birds for Alpha-Release celebrations. These rocs are high status and perfect pattern. Please check this opportunity and get it.
With beta version release, Epic-Roc bird will appear from Roc-Gacha.
(2) Hunting reward DOUBLE!
The Limited Event campaign ended.

Game introduction

By going to the hunting area in the island, Status of your roc goes up. Also, if you get attractive equipment, you can equip your favorite roc. By strengthening the roc, you will be able to win the battle when the fighting mode is released.
(The battle system is under development and will be released in the summer of 2018)
Go Hunting
Choose an area to go hunt.
Get hunting rewards
Get equipments(Rare1~6)
Status is up
2 types of Market
Roc market
Equipment Market
Multiple battle leagues
Battle 1-on-1, and the Raid Boss

Road map

Phase 1 July 2018
Alpha release
  • Roc gacha system
  • 2 types of Market open
  • Hunting system
  • Equipment system
Phase 2 (8.14 2018)
Beta Release
  • Battle with Raid Boss
  • Battle card
  • Ranking
  • Responsive design
Phase 3 (September 2018)
  • Battle 1-on-1
  • Feather Battle System
Phase 4 (2018)
Reward area
  • Episode hunting unlock
  • Release hunting area, wherebattle winners can earn rewards
Phase 5 (2018-19)
Join” KittyVerse”
  • We are planning to participate in "KittyVerse" of CryptoKitties we adore. Please look forward to your Kitties and Roc collaboration.
Phase 6 (2019-)
Next innovation
  • As a countermeasure against scalability issues, we will build by original network
8.14.2018 update

Getting started


Install Metamask

Metamask is available on Chrome, Firefox and Opera. Please download it here. here .

Send Ether (ETH) to your wallet

You can buy Ether from any available cryptocurrency exchange in your country.

Let's Play

You are ready to go.
Check our market or turn the gacha ! Let's get your roc.
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