Game guide

(1) Starter guide
・ First, get your roc bird
Let's get one of your roc . You can get it in Get New Page or Roc Market.
After you get a favorite roc bird, let's go hunting in the Island. By going to Hunt, Roc Bird can raise each status, and will return with attractive equipment for souvenirs. Equipment you get can be equipped with your rocks to change costume. If you have unnecessary equipment, let's sell it at the market.
Your ROC can equipped those equipment. If you have unnecessary equipment, let's sell it at the market. Please combine a variety of attractive equipment and aim for a victory in THE FeatherBattle, a wish of rock birds

STEP1:Get Charming Roc birds! Types of Roc birds here
STEP2:Let Roc go hunting and get rare equipment
STEP3:Let Roc be equipped and win the battle
(2) Hunting
・ How to go to Hunt
As long time hunting, you can expect higher status ups and higher acquisition of rare equipment.
You select a hunting area, pick a bird and start hunting with "Go Hunthing".
Then, please wait until the lock bird returns from Hunt. Transactions can be checked from the Activty page.
・ Hunting Rewards
Roc status up, Equipment, battle card
(※Battle card is under development)
(3) Equipment
There are 6 types of equipment, Legend Rare (★6), Legend (★5), Super Rare (★4), Rare (★3), Uncommon (★2), Common (★1). Equipment can be obtained by purchasing at the market or going to Hunt.

・ Equip position
Roc has 6 kinds of setting positions. Weapon, Head, Body, Tail, Foot, Other. Please look at the position on the equipment card and equip it with roc.
Roc's costume will also change, they are very cute, have fun!
(4) Status
There are 1) Basic Status, 2) Potential Status, 3) Equipment Status,and those status are used in the Battle system. You can check on the StatusBoard on each roc's details page (Left side of Page).
1) Status
It is the total value of "initial value" and "hunt experience value". "Hunt experience value" can be obtained by going to Hunt.
2) Equip
It is the total value of "equipment".
3) Potential(=Hunt Experience)
It is the total of "Hunt experience value" obtained by going to Hunt. The initial value is 0 and it can grow up to 300(min0 --> max300). It is marked as "potential" because it is an indicator of remaining growth.<br> Growth distribution of HP/ATK/AGI/LUK depends on the owner's strategy.
4) Total status
It represents the strength of roc birds. It is the total value of the above "1) status" + "2) equipment".
5) Bonus of EPIC-ROC
EPIC-ROC has a special DNA as a warrior, therefore bonus value is added to the initial value. Bonus value is different for each EPIC-ROC.
(5) Market
There are two types of market, Roc Bird Market and Equipment Market. For cancellation(cancel) of Market please process from each detail page. During negotiation, you can not purchase.
・ Roc Market
You can buy and sell roc at Ethereum. If roc is equipped at the time of exhibition, it will be forcibly removed.
・ Equipment Market
You can buy and sell equipment with Ethereum.
(6) Battle
In Crypto Feather, you can enjoy a battle with just a simple operation.
At first, even if you do not prepare, just click on the "Battle Start" button will automatically start rocs battle. And you can see the battle report from the results
1) Attack type
・ Each lock bird has a personality and has "Attack type" and "Order" to execute it.
There are strong attacks and weak attacks in the attack type. Look at the type of attack your opponent carries out and let the roc bird compete against roc bird with the best dominant and good attack types.

Bite BodyBlow FlyingKick
・ For Superior attack : Give 50% more damage (+50% UP)
・ For Inferior attack:Damage given by 50% down (50% Down)
・ For Counter attack:Damage given by 50% down (50% Down)
・ For Bite / BodyBlow / FlyingKick : Damage given by 50% down (50% Down)
・ For Counter attack :Give 100% more damage (+100% UP)
・ For Bite / BodyBlow / FlyingKick : With 50% chance, give 50% more damage (+50% UP)
・ For Wing attack : No damage (100% Down)
2) "Effect stone" which effectively deals damage

・ "Effect stone" is a stone that can add special effects. By combining "Effect Stone" with "Attack Type", you can create special effects such as increasing attack power or recovering HP.
・ Since you can attach 1 at 1 turn, so you can set 5 effect stones with 1 battle.
・ Birds collect "effect stones" with hunting. By absorbing "effect stone" to roc bird, the effect stones will overlap and the level will be raised. Once set, the "effect stone" set will be memorized by your roc bird.
・ How to use this "Effect stone" is very important to strategically win the battle.

Ex) Attack type "Bite" + Effect stone "ATK up"

Special effect stones
#Frantic Attack
Frantic Attack is attacks greatly increased, but instead HP decreases, because the bird attacks severe attacks. While paying attention to the remaining HP, it is effective when adding at the time of superior attack, or when you use it time of settlement.
#Berserk Attack
Roc birds will be berserked with a 30% chance of success. The attack power is increased by 100% or more, so that the total becomes 200%, so you can give awesome damage to your opponent.
But, if it fails to berserk roc can not damage it all. Maybe you use it when the roc bird is dying or when you aim at the top in the Damage Ranking!
3) Status at battle
HP : At the time of battle, HP is 5 times the value of status HP.
ATK : Attack , offensive power. It becomes the BASIC damage value given to the enemy.
AGI : Agility. It affects speed, preemptive strike, avoidance rate, critical.
LUK : Critical, Evasion, Berserk success rates etc will be more likely to occur.
4) Boss Battle and Reward
・The raid boss fight is achieved if we can attack the boss and beat down during the emergence period.
  After the boss punitive, the top ranking of the damage ranking will receive a reward.
・If you can be received reward , you can get from the damage ranking page, so check it out.
(Gas fee may be charged for receipt.)
5) Feather Battle and Reward
・Feather Battle is under development.